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In this post, I will explain Nutanix license family for AOS, AHV hosts & Clusters, and Prism Central as well.

AOS Licenses

AOS includes a variety of features to enable you to administer your environment based on your current and future needs.

You can use the default feature set of AOS, upgrade to a richer feature set, update your license for a longer term, or reassign existing licenses to nodes or clusters as needed.

Each Nutanix node and block is delivered with a default Starter license, which does not expire. You are not required to register this license on the Nutanix Customer Portal account assigned to you when you purchased your nodes.

Pro & Ultimate

The Pro and Ultimate license types require you to download a license file from the Customer Support Portal and install it on your cluster.

When you upgrade to a Pro or Ultimate license or add nodes or clusters to your environment with these licensed features, you must generate the license file, download it, and install it.

Prism Central

The Prism Pro license adds additional capabilities to Prism Central, including most of the features available through the Prism web console of an individual cluster (also known as Prism Element).

The Prism Pro license for Prism Central adds additional capabilities to Prism Central, including custom dashboards, capacity planning, and advanced search capabilities.

Each new installation of Prism Central includes a 60-day trial, which you can disable if desired (as described in the Prism Central Guide).

Each node registered to and managed by Prism Pro requires the application of a Prism Pro license through the Prism Central web console. For example, if you have registered and are managing 10 Nutanix nodes (regardless of the individual node or cluster license level), you need to apply for 10 Prism Pro licenses through the Prism Central web console.


Individual features known as add-ons can be added to your existing license feature set. When Nutanix makes add-ons available, you can add them to your existing Starter or Pro license.

For example, you can purchase the Acropolis File Services add-on for your existing Pro licenses. You will need to purchase and apply one add-on license for each node in the cluster with a Pro license.

For example, if your current Pro-licensed cluster consists of four nodes, you need to purchase four add-on licenses, then apply them to your cluster. All nodes in your cluster need to be at the same license level (four Pro licenses and four add-on licenses). You cannot buy one add-on license, apply it to one node, and have three nodes without add-on licenses.

Viewing License Status

The most current information about your licenses is available from the Prism web console. It is also available at the Nutanix Support Portal from the My Products link. You can view information about license types, expiration dates, and any free license inventory (that is, available unassigned licenses).

License Comparative

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