Nutanix Default Cluster Credentials

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Default Cluster Credentials

Each component of Nutanix has a different login credential, so in this post, I will explain all credentials you need to manage your Nutanix components (Node, Cluster, CVM web console, CVM SSH).

Nutanix web consoleNutanix Controller VMadminadmin
vSphere Web ClientESXi hostrootnutanix/4u
vSphere clientESXi hostrootnutanix/4u
SSH client or consoleESXi hostrootnutanix/4u
SSH client or consoleAHV hostrootnutanix/4u
SSH client or consoleHyper-V hostAdministratornutanix/4u
SSH clientNutanix Controller VMnutanixnutanix/4u
SSH client or consoleAcropolis OpenStack Services VM (Nutanix OVM)rootadmin


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