Apteligent by VMware Fundamentals (Self-Paced)

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Introduction to Apteligent

This course demonstrates how to access and navigate major components of the Apteligent user interface and provides an overview of using those components in several key end-user scenarios.

At the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • List the features and benefits of Apteligent.
  • Identify the data gathering categories of Apteligent.
  • Use the My Apps Dashboard.
  • Describe a developer setup of Apteligent.
  • Name key features of Network Insights.
  • Define Crash reports and Handled Exceptions.
  • Describe the importance of User Flows in fault tracing.
  • Identify calculations used in Trend Analysis.
  • Describe the Integration of Apteligent alerts into third-party software.
  • List benefits of using the Release Console.


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